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As we all know, party is a casual event for people to get to know each other informally and have fun together. Here at business school, we have lots of parties, such as Happy Hour on every Thursday night, mid-semester party, end-of semester party, etc. A wonderful and exciting party experience could not live without certain boundaries regarding sexual respect.

There is no party guidance of behaviors displayed outside. Lots of things which we are expected to do in party aren't explicitly understood by many people. Indeed, no boyfriend-girlfriend relationship could form on the basis of strict adherence to strict terms. And there are lots of parties where women have a high probability of being treated or touched that against their will. In New York City, where access to party is very common, then it is certain that at least some of the few will take advantage of their power to abuse and humiliate their subordinates in various ways, including sexually.

Gender-based misconduct is definitely prohibited. Even when it is a party and everybody is drinking and dancing, it doesn't mean that unwelcome touching, kissing, hugging or massaging is appropriate. If you feel confused or uncomfortable about particular behavior, stop it and report it. Everyone has the responsibility to show sexual respect. If you see something disrespectful, stop it and report it.