Cycle of Abuse

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Verse 1

Let me tell you about a woman who'd done nothing wrong

Got beat half to death, and this is her song.

Was married to a man who seemed pretty great

But when he was with her, he was really irate

When he get home he would beat on his wife

Blame her for all the problems he had in his life

She wouldn't tell out of fear, fear for her son

A small, small child, his age only one 

Well she decided one day to pack up and go. 

He said "Wait right there, you ought to know I never meant any harm."

And once again she was tricked back in his arms


It's the never ending cycle of abus.

Verse 2

Well now the years rolled on, and they had a girl

The abuse wouldn't stop it was apart of their world.

The little girl was abused physically

Only God knows what it did to her mentally

And she said to herself quietly, maybe one day I will be free

From this Hell that is my life

I don't want to end up like my father's wife

So when she was 18 she got up and went

Moved to the city because she was spent 

Met a fine, fine man and they started dating

Few years later, what do you know, they started mating

The man picked up an unfortunately common thing

He would go out and drink, and then come home and fling

His wife around the room, he was quite violent

She would say, "This isn't the man I married, he was gentle and quiet"


Verse 3:

She ran across town and he followed her there

All she wanted was him out of her hair

She tried to forget the unpleasantness

And all that had gone on to create this mess

He called her one day with his final plan

He said, "Well if I can't have you then nobody can!"

She was scared...

There was no one to talk to, no friends in sight

So she called a little number called "Nightline"

She got to talking and it eased her mind

The cops got on the case and caught the man

Took him to jail and threw him in the can

It's now the broken cycle of abuse.

Cycle of Abuse

Caleb Alan Oldham
Columbia College