Oh Don't Do It

  • Multimedia

Sample 1: Tina Fey / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8yNCMkgk9E


Verse 1: Elias


Jenny wasn’t really a nice girl,

More like the drinking every night girl,

Full of sass got a tongue like a viper,

Billy got his sights set like American Sniper,

He’d seen her from across the bar,

Always knew what he’d wanted right from the start,

High heels and a mini skirt,

Big titties and a low cut shirt,


He thought, she’d only come for some company,

Why else would she dress so scrumptiously?

She a freak and she lookin’ at him hungrily,

Thought she’d dish a hummer in the bathroom like a bumble bee,


But that’s not the case,

now he’s all up in her face,

saying they could go back to his place

to pick her mind, they got time that they could waste.

But she is not so sure, the boys have tried it all before

and… she never let them past first base,

they were lucky to be with her in the first place


Jenny just like the attention that they give

Always trying to shave fat, just to be thinner

give her affection to the highest bidder

then she take it all back like an indian giver


She’d never go home, with any of these blokes.

She’d rather drink they drinks, and just smoke they smokes

But, Billy really thinks that she wants it: He’s spending all his money

He just wanna climax like a summit: He’s addicted like a junkie

He started watchin’ porn at around age ten, big black dicks and tiny asians,

full of desires, only one way that he saw to to satiate them.


His perceptions distorted, PornHub supported,

Delusional fantasies just plain perverted

And Jenny uses her looks

to spare her pocketbook

from the drinks at these bars,

Over priced cover charge,

So when Billy asks her to fuck,

She insists she’s not a slut

But, she was just, grinding on his nuts in the club.


“That’s different!” she starts to explain,

We were just dancing, that’s nothing insane,

Billy’s expression had to started to change,

chemical reactions in his fucked up brain.


She was betrayed by Disney expectations,

A princess in peril but the princess getting wasted,

Billy forced himself on her told her she’d like it,

She hated every second but was too drunk to fight him,


Even if she was teasing him, led him on for a bit,

Don’t you dare tell me she was asking for it,

Instead why don’t you try being more supportive,

And if you need to talk give me a ring on the cordless.


Sample 2: George Carlin / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwMukKqx-Os


Verse 2: Stanley


It don't seem right,

This been an issue all my life,

The right ways to get with a girl been lost in the night,

So let's bring it to the light,


Let's face the fact that sometimes these allegations are skewed,

It seems like a man can get in trouble when a woman has no proof,

Then the whole campus gets the news,

Imagine your name and face out there: people want you on a noose,



Well will a one hour session correct all the wrongs under one roof,

No we gotta start with the youth,

Teach them how to act and how to choose,


By the time you're 18 you know how to interact,

So a one hour session really won't change that,

Not to put the school on blast,

But this is just another trick like pulling a bunny out of a hat.


Just trying to save face or respect,

But throwing money at a problem won't correct,

We need to come correct,

Thinking about places in schools we can interject.


Carry the weight of our errors so the youth can progress,

To end sexual abuse,

Progress with the youth is the only realistic step. 

Oh Don't Do It