My memories stained red with rinds

  • Poetry & Prose

My memories stained red with rinds

Nicollette Barsamian
Columbia College

The Case of the Disappearing Tie and the Red, Red Wine


My memories stained red with rinds

Brio, bravery, good humor, and lies


You can root yourself in wonder

Creek ways of walking by


Something still nags inside

The cake is never fried


Make a motley crew and accrue

Tetrahedrons and stew


A bug or two come out to play

We all know Age, Location, Pictures


We all know the female praying mantis

Sometimes eats her mate


“For protein,” she says, “For protein,” he says  

In fact, the male praying mantis often offers his head


Very different from the bed bugs

She offers her stomach, precisely the right side of her abdomen


And he jabs with his penis shaped like a lance head

This shape is no coincidence. The bed bug penis is adapted to stab.


They call it traumatic insemination

I wonder where humans fit in.