As A Child Stands

  • Poetry & Prose

As A Child Stands


My heart has often been burdened by the thought of its own faltering. So it falters more.



I sought to mark myself out as a youth, so I grew old in spirit.

And while my vulnerability had not yet dawned upon me, I broke many times.



Dry, crackled, and bare skin exposed to the sun.

Dry, crackled, and bare skin exposed to your hands, your penetrating gaze.



Caught between breaths by your hunger. Caught between words by your judgment. I let your eyes bear themselves upon me.

I was a child then. So I stood

as a child stands

and you did not hesitate. A child disregarded.

Things grew thin for me. The streets rolled on

and I stay caught

in the sun

in your hands in your gaze.