You Won, Yes

  • Poetry & Prose

You Won, Yes

Shravya Jain
School of International and Public Affairs

After 1 year of
sly comments
inappropriate messaging
and suicide threats
you stopped harassing me.
I thought you finally understood the word


you didn't.
You thought I shamed you.
How dare a girl, the weaker sex,
reject your "love."


is what I screamed
when you threw acid on my face.
I can barely recall
but bystanders say you called me a whore.
And they said you sounded gleeful.
Am I sad I didn’t marry you.


was my first reaction
when I saw my face
scarred beyond recognition.
Whatever I could see of course
I'm nearly blind.


is what the police said
when I tried to file a complaint.
You're a politician's son
and they don't want to lose their job.
You finally had your conquest.