Ode in Blank Verse

  • Poetry & Prose

Ode in Blank Verse

Vikram Kumar
Aditya Krishna Naganath
Columbia College
Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

It's usually at a party, everyone is drunk and they think it's okay,

it's never, never alright,

their hands are grasping, groping, even though she says no

it's never, never okay.


The worst part is, no one says anything,

they think it's fine - everyone is drunk-

it's a party, they say and that guys will be guys

and they allow this crime to happen and do nothing.


Sometimes it's her most trusted friend who thinks it's okay,

to exploit her trust, her emotions, her essence

he touches her, caresses her, strokes her and gropes her,

all under the guise of friendship

She has no-one to turn to, no-one to share her pain with,

it eats her, claws her, she is debilitated by fear,

It's your fault he says, it's her fault they say,

who is the victim and who is the sinner?


The question arises of whether we are truly civilized,

we visit the moon, command the earth but can we not control ourselves?

We must respect her, it is our duty which we can never violate,

or else we all fail